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Set to grow, Bischof Klein presents high-purity packaging solutions for clean rooms

With its high-purity CleanFlex® brand packaging and film solutions for clean rooms, Bischof + Klein is set to grow.

Bischof + Klein is the only manufacturer of flexible packaging to produce a header bag under class 5 clean room conditions. This special packaging is particularly used in the production of disposable syringes and is encountering great interest. The injection systems’ freedom from germs can only be guaranteed if particles are significantly reduced. These otherwise form the nutrient basis for dangerous micro-organisms. This applies to the syringe bodies as well as the other components and above all to their outer packaging. This is why class 5 clean room packaging is increasingly being used. The CleanFlex® header bag offers protection against germs and particles, and enables sterilisation by means of gasification at the same time.

The team, consisting of Roger Pfister from B+K France, Florian Epping and Benjamin Kepp, recently presented a variety of additional solutions for protecting high-purity products during production and transportation.

Bischof + Klein (2011: 2,300 employees, annual turnover approx. €475m) is one of Europe’s leading full-service suppliers of flexible plastic and paper packaging and technical films. The B+K-GROUP manufactures at six production plants in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Poland and Saudi Arabia, and has a worldwide network of sales offices. B+K’s product range encompasses the entire range of flexible packaging and technical films – from traditional industrial packaging and consumer packaging to special films for technical applications.

Record investment level Bischof Klein modernises and extends its production facilities

This year, Bischof + Klein will invest the record sum of around 31 million euros. Some 20 million euros will be pumped into B+K Lengerich and Konzell alone. The full-service supplier of flexible plastic and paper packaging and technical films, whose headquarters are located in Westphalia’s Lengerich, therefore remains set on its modernisation and expansion course.

“This is the right time to invest”, states managing director Dr. Volker Pfennig. Even in 2012, in the midst of the euro crisis, Bischof + Klein succeeded in asserting its position as one of Europe’s leading full-service suppliers of flexible plastic and technical films. 2013 will focus on extending the extrusion facilities in the German plants and on continued expansion of the company’s Polish plant. Sustainability projects concerning energy and resource efficiency are also of major importance. Pfennig:

“We will continue to work creatively and consistently on this.”