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by Edward Cohen: observations on International Converting Exhibition USA April 2013

The ICE USA exhibition, held last week in Orlando FL, featured vendor exhibits and technical sessions sponsored by AIMCAL. The exhibits presented machinery, technical information and services that are important to the converting process.
The exhibitors in the following categories are of specific interest to the coating process:
Base Materials                                   Flexographic / Rotogravure Printing
Extrusion Coating                              Coating and Laminating
Drying / Curing / Moisturizing            (Pre-)Treatment
Inspection, Test and Measurement   Toll Coating
Machine Upgrades & Retrofits

My observations after viewing coating exhibits
and listening to technical presentations are :
         • Slot die is continuing to be more widely used. The coating hardware is available from several vendors with excellent quality and reasonable costs. Computer software programs are being used to customize design for improved quality and productivity.
         • The on-line defect surface inspection technology instruments are improving in ability to detect and classify a much wider range of defects at production line speeds. They are becoming more cost effective.
         • Replacing a standard coating station with cartridge coaters, permits a very rapid change of coating methods,10-15 mins. Replacing coaters in standard coating stations may not be possible or can take 1-2 hrs. This gives the ability to use the best coating methods and to increase the range of products that cam be manufactured.
         • The machining uniformity of the rolls used is improving which results in better uniformity and performance. There are several types of rubber materials that can be used in rubber roll; thereby improving quality and performance.
         • Automation of surface-treatment control systems is increasing and leads to improved uniformity and reproducibility of surface treatment systems.
         • Toll coaters have several coating methods available, so that they can coat a range of coating product parameters.
         • Automation technology is available for of all phases of the converting process.

European Bioplastics Publishes Data on Land-use for Bioplastics Based on Figures from FAO & IfBB

The surface required to grow sufficient feedstock for today’s bioplastic production is less than 0.006 percent of the global agricultural area of 5 billion hectares. This is the key finding published today by European Bioplastics, based on figures… (Industry News)

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OLBRICH GmbH Offers Innovative Coating and Drying Solutions

OLBRICH GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of customized converting machinery for a wide range of coating and laminating applications to the paper, film and foil converting industries. OLBRICH’s success is based on an ongoing effort to implement state of the art innovations within the fields of coating, laminating, drying and winding technology and always with the focus of the customer’s needs!

High Performance Nanocomposite Coatings for Commercial Plastics

Transparency, flexibility, and especially ultralow oxygen (OTR) and water vapor (WVTR) transmission rates are the key issues to be addressed for packaging of flexible organic photovoltaics and organic light-emitting diodes. Concomitant optimization… (R&D Highlight)

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CO2 released from burning fuel today goes back into new fuels tomorrow

The search for ways to use megatons of carbon dioxide that may be removed from industrial smokestacks during efforts to curb global warming has led to a process for converting that major greenhouse gas back into the fuel that released it in the first place. Research on the project was a topic here today at the 245th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society.